Kentucky Route Zero, Immortality, and Twelve Minutes Android Ports Released For Netflix Subscribers

The Android ports of Kentucky Route Zero, Immority, and Twelve Minutes have all arrived in the last few days. Mystery, horror, and innovative storytelling are all now accessible on your phone and tablet from Google Play.

You don’t have to buy them, but you have to be a Netflix subscriber to get the ports.

If you love narrative games, especially those that tell weird stories in a unique atmosphere, and you’re on Netflix, the only question this week is choosing which one to try first.

less traveled road

Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure game that sends you on a truly surreal road trip. You play as Conway, a truck driver. Conway must find the mysterious Underpass Route Zero for the delivery.

Getting to your destination involves meeting strangers, navigating landscapes that defy navigation, and interrupting your usual senses.

Sinister Cinema

Immortality is a game from the creators of Her Story that blurs the lines between movies and games, without interfering with the classic cinematic experience.

The game presents you with a mystery. Marissa Marcel was a promising actress. She appeared in three of her films, none of which were released.

After the third film, Marissa disappeared. If they can be reconstructed, the film holds the answer to the mystery.

sense of déjà vu

In Twelve Minutes, a man is trapped in time. Imagine Groundhog Day. However, he constantly repeats the worst nights of his life. Police detectives force their way into his and his wife’s apartment, accuse them of murder, and kill him.

Is there a way to stop the repeating death spiral? Maybe. I don’t have much to work with, but I know what happens. There is a way to use your foresight to your advantage to break out of hopeless situations.

Does trying to find a way out of the time loop in the Android port of Twelve Minutes sound like too much brain strain right now?

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