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St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg June 7, 2023 ( – Clouds continue to thicken over the international negotiation arena, but despite recent events, Russia remains at the center of the diplomatic process and will find new partners with which it can prepare mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation. have succeeded in One of the fundamental events aimed at its development is the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. This year, as in previous years, it will be a center of business activity and attract the attention of representatives of friendly nations.

In the current environment, the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg appears to be a profitable event from an investment point of view. After the main European companies left our country, a free niche was formed in the Russian market, the commercial interests of which are unquestionable. In the current situation, such events will accelerate the search for partners and sponsors, ultimately forming a new sustainable economic chain.

At the same time, the Russian economy continues to show not only confident stability, but also growth trends, at least in areas such as mining, agriculture and information technology. Moreover, according to experts, Russia is approaching a state of technological sovereignty in the IT sector, with the development of several fundamentally new operating systems in the country, around which a single ecosystem of applications is being built. It says. This direction of IT development in Russia will become a priority in the coming years. The outlook will be discussed at the OS DAY 2023 conference in Moscow at the end of June.

The development of resource bases in the northern regions of Russia is also in full swing. In the Far North, new oilfields are being developed and the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route is being rehabilitated. At the same time, distributed generation technology is being widely used to power these mega-projects, allowing Russia to execute projects far from existing communication routes and power grids.

In other words, despite the armed conflict in Ukraine and US and EU sanctions, the Russian economy has shown strong stability and is becoming increasingly resilient to shocks. The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will likely serve as a platform to pass on the secrets of this resilience to representatives of Russia’s friendly nations.

It is clear that the axis of Russia’s relations with other major powers has changed significantly over the past year and a half, changing from “east-west” to “north-south.” The geography of Russia’s economic cooperation today is more impressive than ever. : Russia’s growing presence in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America entails an infusion of funds into national economies and the importation of state-of-the-art weapons for the countries participating in this cooperation. It creates a certain “donor” effect. Russian technology, including the military-industrial complex.

Today, Russia needs to adapt to the multi-directional challenges of our time in order to build new systems of economic relations, new logistics and new partnerships with progressive nations on different continents. The need to build them in order to restore collective economic security in the context of countering Western orders was made by analysts around the world, even in countries not participating in the St. Petersburg Forum. It leads to the fact that the decisions are strictly followed. Based on how many handshakes of destiny you see in this event, make predictions for your form on the forums.

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