January 2023 Android security update rolling out for Google Pixel and some Samsung Galaxy phones

New year, new update. Google is making his first week of 2023 more exciting with the latest Android security bulletins and corresponding updates for the targeted Pixel lineup, but not as planned.

Monthly Android security bulletins are typically posted on the first Monday of each month, but on the first Monday of January 2023 (i.e. January 2nd), many American workers observed the national New Year’s Day holiday. it was day This is because when a US federal holiday falls on a weekend, most workplaces observe the holiday on the nearest weekday instead. So Google has moved his January 2023 release of his ASB to today, and now the latest security updates are rolling out to his Pixel smartphones.

Interestingly, the Pixel lineup isn’t the first set of devices to get an update today. Samsung started pushing a new security patch to a handful of Galaxy smartphones yesterday.

January 2023 Android Security Bulletin

The Android 13 January patch dated January 1, 2023 resolved 20 issues and as of January 5, 2023 resolved 40 issues. Vulnerabilities range from high to critical, with the most severe being kernel and vendor components.

In particular, patches for these vulnerabilities have been in development for weeks or months and have just been released. For more information on how the monthly Android security update process works, we recommend reading the instructions linked below.

How monthly Android security patch updates work

Pixel update bulletin/feature update

Following last month’s massive feature removal, this month’s Pixel update should include the usual set of internal enhancements along with generation-specific fixes. However, since the official announcement post has not yet been published, we do not have access to the actual changelog.

As long as you own one of the currently supported models, your Pixel device will have the January 2023 Security Update starting today. This includes Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro.The update has a build number of TQ1A.230105.001/.002.

As always, Google uses a phased rollout method to maximize update stability and reliability. You can download an OTA zip file or a factory image from our Android 13 download article, but not everyone will receive his OTA update right away. Detailed instructions on those flashes are available here.

Samsung January 2023 security updates

Apart from the Pixel devices listed above, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy A73 will also receive the January 2023 security patch.

For the Galaxy Note 10 series, the release build number is N97xFXXS8HVL3, which is intended for global variants. At the time of reporting, the company is only seeding updates in the AUT region, Samsung’s internal codename for Switzerland.

The January 2023 patch is also rolling out to the global Exynos variant of the Galaxy S21 lineup.New build tagged as G99xBXXS5DVL3, currently available in Switzerland.Meanwhile, the Galaxy A73 got an update in the form of a build number A736BXXS2BVL3 in malaysia.

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