Is Mobile Insurance Really Worth It?

Mobile insurance can save you money. Purchase a plan based on the price of your phone, your ability to pay for repairs, and the likelihood of accidental damage. (158)

Smartphones are today’s essential devices for work and entertainment. Flagship phones offer premium features, but are also expensive to repair if damage occurs. Phone damage typically costs 20-30% of its value.

So if your phone costs Rs.25,000 and the repair cost is about 20% of that price, you will have to pay Rs.5,000 out of pocket.

To avoid such high costs, mobile insurance Plan your device and take it anywhere with confidence. Is mobile insurance really worth it? Read on to find out.

Discover the benefits of having a mobile insurance plan

Main benefits

Here are the key features you get with mobile insurance:

  • Accident damage
  • cell phone screen damage
  • Water spill damage

Electrical and mechanical failures are usually part of the phone’s original warranty.If

If you want that warranty, we recommend that you take advantage of an extended warranty plan.

repair options

Damaged phones can usually be repaired at an authorized service center. Alternatively, if your insurance company allows it, you can have your phone repaired at a service center of your choice.

Some mobile insurers offer pick-up and delivery services to help save time and avoid queues.

Other benefits

Below are some of the features that are bundled with mobile insurance or offered as add-ons.

  • Free entertainment subscription pack
  • Antivirus and malware protection
  • Temporary smartphone replacement
  • worldwide coverage

Learn about the cost of purchasing an insurance policy

An important part of buying mobile insurance is choosing the right insurer. This is because we want the most coverage at the most affordable price.

It is important not to look for the cheapest policy. Consider the amount insured to determine the insurance price. The insurance company will reimburse the repair cost up to the insured amount. Some insurance companies offer 100% of the claim amount as a refund.

Similarly, when evaluating the cost of mobile insurance, make a note of how many times you can claim in a year. Some insurers have limits.

Here are the figures showing the premiums for mobile phone insurance as of November 2022:

  • Rs.16,000 – Rs.1,200 + GST ​​for 6 months insurance
  • 6 months insurance amount of Rs.6,600 – Rs.479 + GST
  • Terminal price Rs.6,000 ~ Rs.10,000 – Rs.1,212 + GST ​​for 12 months
  • Handset price from Rs.12,001 to Rs.20,000 – Rs.2,137 + 12 months GST

You should also check any applicable deductibles, i.e. whether they will cover part of the repair cost.

Evaluate risks and make decisions

Whether or not you buy a mobile insurance plan depends on the price of your phone and how and where you use it.

Do you own a very expensive phone that meets your business or personal needs? Does your job increase the chances of accidental damage? Do you tend to drop your phone frequently, Or do you have a toddler at home who does that?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, we recommend that you take advantage of a mobile insurance plan. By doing so, you can save a lot of money! However, if you have a reasonably priced phone, don’t use hazardous environments frequently, and can afford the repair costs, it’s a good idea to skip the insurance.

Now that you know what to consider when securing your phone, make the right decision. Shop with the best brands and enjoy top-notch mobile insurance services!

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