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WhatsApp, a popular messaging service with more than 2 million users, is about to stop working on older smartphone models from many brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. On December 31st, the app will stop supporting 49 different models of smartphones. Developers have noted that these devices may not have the latest security updates required to run the service. However, this does not mean that WhatsApp will stop working completely on older devices, nor that the developers will stop issuing regular updates. is no longer modified.

In a statement, WhatsApp said, “Because devices and software change frequently, we regularly review and update the operating systems we support. These devices must have the latest security updates and WhatsApp may be missing features required to run.

“In order to choose which to stop supporting, each year we, like other technology companies, look at which devices and software are the oldest and least people still using them.”

WhatsApp will continue to work for users with these devices, but you won’t have access to the flashy new features the company releases, such as the recent community tools.

With this feature, you can send messages to multiple groups at once by grouping multiple group chats together under a single topic. This allows users to more easily share updates with a wider audience.

Users may update their older phone’s operating system and continue to use WhatsApp as normal, but for devices that cannot be updated to the older operating system, they will need to purchase a new phone.

WhatsApp recommends that Apple users have iOS 9 or higher and Android have v4.3 or higher installed to continue to receive support. After December 31st, phones with older software will definitely stop working.

Phones that will no longer be supported by WhatsApp include iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, Archos 53 Platinum, Grand S Flex ZTE, HTC Desire 500, Huawei Ascend D, D1 and D2, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Core, S2, S3 mini, and more. a lot.

This came amid recent reports that WhatsApp was working on a secret new upgrade. With this, users will finally be able to send Snapchat-style text messages that can only be read once.

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As spotted by WABetainfo’s astute team, the Meta-owned service appears to be testing a “view once” option that allows users to send messages that can be read only once before disappearing completely.

This has long been offered by rivals such as Snapchat, but until now WhatsApp has shown no interest in releasing something similar.

Along with self-destruction, chats sent using this feature do not include the ability to forward to others or highlight and copy, according to WABetainfo.

And if you send a “see once” message that makes your screenshots completely private, it’s more likely that your screenshots will also be blocked. You can, but they will remain in the service for at least 24 hours before being deleted.

The new upgrade means that confidential conversations take place over the service, as messages disappear completely as soon as they appear.

This WhatsApp feature is currently in beta testing and there is no official announcement as to when or if it will actually be released, but we hope to have more news soon. and expect more news in the coming months if and when this upgrade goes live.

The ‘view once’ chat is probably going on, but there is one new upgrade available now. WhatsApp recently announced the launch of some fun avatars that allow users to create caricatures of themselves and use them as stickers or responses to messages.

According to WhatsApp, avatars can be used to create a digital version of each person, made from billions of combinations of different hairstyles, facial features and outfits.

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