Invisible Hearing Aids : huehearing

HueHearing is an ear health technology company best known for launching affordable hearing aids and ear accessories. The company’s latest hearing aid, the Invisible Hearing Aid, is optimized to reduce stress and control tinnitus symptoms right out of the box. The company advertises that it’s designed with modest features that are applicable to most customers, so there’s no need to take a hearing test before using the product.

Invisible hearing aids come with a variety of notable features such as noise reduction, tinnitus masking, filtered sound amplification, and more. This prevents the wearer from hearing unwanted ambient noise and helps reduce stress and distractions. In addition, the tinnitus masking feature reduces symptoms associated with hearing conditions such as tinnitus, helping the wearer to relax and feel better about their ears in the long term.

HueHearing’s Invisible Hearing Aids are available from the official website at a special discounted price of US$135 from MSRP of US$275 in celebration of the New Year.

Image credit: HueHearing

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