International Business Expo and Summit 2023

The summit presents a unique business perspective on the landscape for Singaporean companies in Malaysia and proposes strategies to navigate the turbulent times through new models, new channels and new financing methods.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 10, 2023 ( – International Business Expo and Summit 2023 hosted by Asia Business Alliance (ABA) and International Business Federation (IBF) held in Malaysia on January 4th and 5th signed 20 MoUs involving more than 20 investments Did. $10 million in various projects and collaborations.

Notable among them are the 10 Association Alliance Agreements.
1) Asia Business Alliance (ABA)
2) International Business Federation (IBF)
3) Malaysian Traditional and Complementary Medicine Association
4) Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs Council (APEC)
5) World Heritage Gourmet Association
6) Malaysian China Strategy Association (MCSA)
7) Malaysia China Business Association
8) Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee
9) Limited to OBOR Dadan Cooperative
10) Postum Creative Content Association

The two-day summit was a success as it brought together representatives from three countries on one platform to exchange ideas and share expertise. The summit also served as a catalyst for discussing new and innovative interactions, research and insights for businesses large and small in Singapore and Malaysia.

Some technologies from Malaysia have signed the Asia Business Alliance and

1) (EvoAir) CM Biotect & Wellness Sdn Bhd,

2) IPVLed lighting technology,

3) (Epo Vertical Farming System) Aneka Perintis Sdn Bhd

For mutual cooperation and benefit in cross-border marketing and distribution. Through this event, there are sustainable innovative technologies that IBES will bring to his two countries.

According to Francis Teo, the summit will have in-depth discussions on key business issues and opportunities to help business owners explore new business models, new opportunities and new channels. Business networking and business matching between entrepreneurs has resulted in more than $10 million in transactions.

Dave Tan said the International Business Summit 2023 will be held here on January 4 and 5 to help Malaysian entrepreneurs understand their strengths, weaknesses and new opportunities in the business sector.

In a special session of the workshop, entrepreneurs deemed it so successful that IBES proposed setting up a venture capitalist department to handle all the funding needs of entrepreneurs. . Over 5 companies have raised funds through the platform, raising over US$10 million.

It is proposed to hold a business conference for entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan on 22 April 2023 and a business conference for entrepreneurs in Cambodia using the IBES platform on 1 June 2023.

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