Intel Now Lets You Sync Android Phone or iPhone With Windows 11 PC

Last update: Jan 5, 2023 14:34 IST

This app helps you sync your phone to your PC

There is already one app that allows syncing between Android phones and Windows PCs, but Intel is extending the functionality to the iPhone with this app.

Modern Windows PCs can sync with Android phones to allow mirror access on the big screen and even control some activities. However, iOS users overlooked interoperability. This has changed with the help of Intel’s new app Intel Unison. The new platform was announced last November and is now available to end users.

The app is available for download from the Microsoft Store, but reports suggest that the Unison app only works if you’re using a Windows PC with a 12th Gen Intel Evo processor. However, very few people have tested the app on other hardware platforms and Unison seems to work just fine.

Intel Unison App Sync: Works on Phone and PC

This feature requires the Intel Unison app on both phone and PC. The app can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. The Intel Unison app is reported to perform better than the Phone Link app, which has provided PC sync functionality to his Android users for the past few years.

Intel claims that you can transfer files between devices and seamlessly edit photos on your PC. You can even receive voice calls directly on your PC as long as you provide access to your phone’s contact list. Messaging also works from your linked mobile phone to your PC. Of course, notifications will also be available on the big screen.

While this feature looks promising, it currently has some limitations. According to Intel, he can only pair one phone with his PC at a time, and this could increase in the near future. If you’ve used the Phone Link app with Microsoft, you’ll know how it works. Intel offers products that work on Android as well as iPhones.

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