Intel cuts more Bay Area jobs as tech layoffs worsen in 2023

SANTA CLARA — Intel has revealed plans for more serious job cuts, with new job cuts affecting hundreds of Bay Area workers. This is a disturbing sign that tech sector layoffs are not yet on track.

The tech giant aims to eliminate about 200 jobs in Santa Clara, according to official documents posted on its website by the State Department of Employment Development.

Intel previously told EDD in a WARN letter dated December 2, 2022, that it expected to cut 90 jobs in Santa Clara at that time.

That number has more than doubled, and Intel now plans to cut 201 jobs, according to the latest information provided by EDD on its public site.

The Santa Clara Intel layoffs are expected to be completed by January 31, according to the WARN notice.

Separately, Intel is considering cutting 343 jobs in Folsom, Sacramento County.

That means Intel intends to give up well over 500 jobs in Northern California.

Intel previously estimated that 90 jobs would be lost at its headquarters facility in Santa Clara in the 30 days from January 31 to February 28 this year.

“We expect the number of mission campus employees to be laid off during this period to increase to 201,” said Marc Nadler, Intel’s director of corporate citizenship, in an EDD dated Jan. 11. wrote in a WARN letter to

All affected Santa Clara and Folsom employees received 60 days’ notice of termination, the company said.

At least 15 technology or biotech companies have revealed plans to cut more than 200 jobs after October 1, 2022, according to the latest filings. The Bay Area, according to EDD’s public website and his WARN letter confirmed by this news organization.

  • Meta Platforms, owner of the Facebook app. In Menlo Park, San Francisco, Fremont, Sunnyvale and Burlingame, he cut 2,564 jobs.
  • Cepheid. 925 of his layoffs in Newark, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.
  • twitter. 900 jobs cut in San Francisco and San Jose.
  • 752 job cuts in San Francisco.
  • Cisco Systems. 673 terminations in San Jose, Milpitas, and San Francisco.
  • hello fresh. 611 of his were laid off in Richmond.
  • door dash. 311 job cuts in San Francisco.
  • Nuro. At Mountain View he laid off 269 people.
  • Amazon. 263 Termination at Sunnyvale.
  • Argo AI. 257 job cuts in Palo Alto.
  • lift. 227 job cuts in San Francisco.
  • Zimmergen. His 219 job cuts at Emeryville.
  • Rivian Automotive. 208 terminations in Palo Alto.
  • Oracle America. Cut his 201 in Redwood City and Belmont.
  • Intel. 201 laid off in Santa Clara.

Intel held out hope that it may not be necessary to lay off all employees who are currently slated to lose their jobs in Santa Clara.

“Some affected employees may find equivalent roles within Intel and continue to be employed,” Intel said.

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