Integrative Systems Celebrates the Grand Opening of its Second Newly Revamped Office

Integrative Systems, an INC 5000 listed company, a globally recognized technology partner of IBM i and Microsoft, and proud of its prestigious Great Place to Work certification, is pleased to announce its newly renovated offices.

CHICAGO, IL June 10, 2023 ( – understand the importance of a positive work environment, integrated system has moved forward to reimagine the warm and inviting workspace. The company has over 250 employees worldwide and is expected to continue growing. Renovated workspaces provide more seating space, promote an open work culture, and eliminate hierarchy walls. This improvement is aimed at improving employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

“This is a great start towards business expansion. It’s not just about new architecture and interiors, it’s about instilling the brand persona into our workspaces. We checked everything to create a space that connects with the spirit that represents ,” said CEO Rajan.

Employee-written quotes adorn the walls to demonstrate a sense of inclusivity. Carefully placed luxury brand elements and carefully selected indoor plants transformed the sterile environment.

“Our people are at the heart of our business. Everything is planned and strategically placed, right down to the exit, and we look forward to hearing from the employees themselves about the newly reimagined space,” says the CEO.

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When the conversation turned to how Integrative Systems primarily helps businesses succeed, he said: “Through the past 20+ years of providing IT services, we have seen that partnering with us enables our customers to leverage our expertise, reduce costs and focus on their own business. Core competencies, access to cutting-edge technology, enhanced security, and proactive support.”

This enables organizations to respond to ever-changing IT environments and drive sustainable growth.

“By offloading mundane IT tasks to specialized service providers, technology leaders can free up valuable time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives, driving innovation and exploring new technologies,” he added. will be able to focus on adjusting the IT strategy,” he added. overall business goals. “

In response to the question, “Why shouldn’t technology leaders postpone deciding whether to achieve it in-house or enlist the help of IT professionals?”

“The cost of delay is due to lost opportunities, increased complexity, impeded progress, accumulating costs, impact on reputation and credibility, competitive disadvantage and increased uncertainty,” he said. is often higher than the cost of quick decision-making.”

“It is therefore critical to make informed and timely decisions to minimize risks, maximize opportunities and drive business success.” Ended.

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