Instagram’s CEO admits there are too many videos on the platform

So it’s no wonder Instagram has been at war with TikTok. The company has been actively promoting (well, shoving it down our throats) short videos called “reels”, and many legacy IG users weren’t too thrilled. Thanks for the latest story he We admit that there are too many videos on Instagram.

TikTok, considered a major security risk by the US government, dominates the short-form video market. Since the first ridiculous challenge began, it has eaten into the user bases of YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. This spawned YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, and a slew of presumably obscure analogues. TikTok has had a definite impact on internet culture as a whole.

Instagram CEO admits there are too many videos on the platform

Throughout 2022, everyone has noticed an increase in Instagram videos. Adam Mosseri addressed this as an answer in a Q&A (via The Verge). It was posted as a story and has expired. However, he said, “I think 2022 was too focused on video and pushed the rankings too high, basically too much video and not enough photos.” That’s what we’ve been feeling, especially throughout 2022.

But we shouldn’t outright blame Instagram or Mosseri for this.Remember that Instagram is owned by Meta, a company that also clashed with TikTok. The Mark Zuckerberg-owned company has gone on strike against his TikTok several times, so you can imagine a lot of pressure on Mosseri’s shoulders.

In any case, Adam Mosseri said the company is working behind the scenes to make things more balanced. also said, it could still be an uphill battle.

Video therefore drives platform engagement, and engagement is the lifeblood of any social media platform. So, just as people don’t like the new video-centric direction Instagram was headed, it seems to be working. Hopefully, we should see a more balanced platform throughout the year.

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