Innovative Startup Joboffers.Live Emerges from Stealth Mode, Offering Solution to Last-Minute Offer Drops is a Data As A Resource (DAAR) platform designed to reduce the risk of last-minute offer drops and enable more informed hiring decisions.

Gurgaon, Haryana, January 7, 2023 ( – Joboffers.Live, a 6-month-old startup that operated in stealth mode, is now public. Joboffers.Live is an innovative platform that helps HR professionals reduce last minute offer drops and find candidates who are serious about their job search.

Founded by Ashutosh Tiwari (Co-Founder and CEO), Mohit Pandey (Co-Founder and COO)When Mayank Gupta (Co-Founder and CTO), JobOffers.Live, is a young and dynamic team with a vision to change the way organizations recruit. streamlines the hiring process and helps organizations make better and more informed hiring decisions through features like offer shopping detection, candidate tracking, and advanced behavioral insights on opportunities.

So why is a young team like ours the right choice to revolutionize the recruiting industry?

We believe our fresh perspective and innovative approach are exactly what the industry needs to bring about real change. With a deep understanding of the challenges facing HR professionals today, we have developed a platform that streamlines the hiring process and helps organizations make better, more informed hiring decisions.

Just eight weeks after launch, has already attracted interest from over 250 organizations. “We are thrilled with the response we have received so far,” Tiwari said. “This shows that solutions like ours are really needed in the HR industry.”

So what makes different from other recruiting platforms?

Our unique features are:

  • Offer shopping detection: Our proprietary algorithm helps HR professionals identify candidates who are “offer shopping” and who are not fully committed to the job.

  • Hiring Cycle Tracking: Our platform allows HR professionals to track and monitor candidates throughout the onboarding process to ensure they are fully engaged and committed to current vacancies.

With, HR professionals don’t have to worry about frustrating and time-consuming processes like withdrawing offers or ghosting candidates. “Our platform is designed to make recruitment easier, more efficient and more effective for organizations of all sizes,” he said. Revolutionize the recruiting industry with You can bring new light to the recruiting industry and make a real difference in how your organization recruits.

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