Initiating the next 100 million users into Web3 through gamified crypto markets

One World Nation combines play to earn and learn to earn for a new generation of gamers

Karnataka, India January 22, 2023 ( – One World Nation’s gamified platform makes earning rewards in the cryptocurrency market more fun. The platform is built to drive adoption of the crypto ecosystem where anyone can learn and earn while playing games that simulate real markets. A fun fantasy game, any user can create a portfolio of crypto tokens represented by cute Pokemon-like characters called Cryptonites. The aim is simple – to remove his FUD from the current overwhelming crypto journey and make crypto learning simple, fun, accessible and affordable.

Through One World Nation’s Android application and official website, users from all over the world can join and participate in the next big fantasy crypto game. Over 25,000 teams join monthly and earn stable coin rewards along with his MoM player growth of 43.87%. Factors like free-to-play, stablecoin rewards, his NFT rental at 0 cost, and his NFT ownership based on EMI made the game a top 50 game on Polygon. Like other fantasy games, players create teams of Kryptonites and, depending on their rank on the leaderboard, are eligible to win from pots of $100,000 each month! It deconstructs the complex concepts of the market in a fun and interesting way.

Founded on a planet named Krypton, One World Nation is creating the Cryptoverse to offer new crypto enthusiasts a “next level” experience. Earning money has never been this easy, but One World Nation has made it possible. For more information about this gamified world of cryptocurrencies, please visit

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