Infograins is About to Bring A Seismic Technological Impact To The UK

The Infograins Software Solutions team has planned a trip to the UK from 20th to 23rd March 2023.

London, United Kingdom, March 3, 2023 ( – Infograins Software Solutions, founded by Ajay Shukla and Vipin Shukla in 2016, is a leading core blockchain development company. The team has announced a trip to the UK to meet with potential clients and explore potential business opportunities for him.

Infograins is ISO 9001:2008 certified and part of the Nasscom Group. The company has worked with several companies, government agencies, corporations and start-ups to provide highly specialized knowledge and skills. The company offers many services such as:

  • Blockchain solution
  • Web3 solution
  • metaverse development
  • game
  • Enterprise solution
  • NFT development service
  • custom software solutions

Purpose of business trip

The Infograins team believes that face-to-face meetings strengthen trust and relationships between companies. We are dedicated to researching different markets and locations to gain insight into an individual’s business mindset. Travel has helped us develop a more inclusive worldview. I was. We hope this trip will bring similar results. The team is ready to introduce blockchain services to business prospects and clients.

Here is a comprehensive list of services Infograins offers:

  • Public blockchain development
  • private blockchain development
  • Developing a hybrid blockchain
  • Consortium development
  • Polygon Development Service
  • polkadot development
  • Solana Development Service
  • TRON Development Service
  • launchpad development
  • ICO, IDO, STO service
  • NFT development
  • NFT marketplace development
  • White Label NFT Marketplace
  • NFT game platform
  • POC development
  • Development of crypto wallet
  • Smart contract development
  • Smart contract audit service
  • Cardano Development
  • Binance Development Service
  • defi development
  • Development of Dapps
  • Development of semi-fungible tokens
  • Defi exchange platform development
  • Asset tokenization service
  • Development of P2P exchange
  • game development
  • token development
  • hyperledger development
  • P2E game development

Industries Infograins Serves

  • health care
  • real estate
  • Logistics/transportation
  • supply chain
  • insurance
  • Finance, and many more.

For more information on services, please visit Hire a professional blockchain developer from Infograins to suit your project requirements. If you need blockchain services, you can schedule a meeting.

Contact Details: +91 9770477239 | +91 9713406272| +12025196167



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Apartment 4105, 25 Arena Tower Cross Harbor Plaza, London E14 9YF


usa office

135, 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013, USA


Australia office

264 George Street, Sydney 2000


United Arab Emirates Office

FDRK3822 Compass Building, Al Shohada Road, AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


media contact

info grain
407, Atulya IT Park, Bhawarkuan Main Rd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010

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