Infinitesima announce first customer shipment of the ground-breaking Metron3D probe metrology system

Provides improved process control for next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

Oxford, United Kingdom, 27 February 2023 ( – Infinitesima has completed the first customer shipment of its Metron3D metrology system, a revolutionary sub-nanometer high-speed 3D imaging system operating at in-line production throughput. The system has passed all internal qualification tests for image quality and throughput and is being shipped to a privately held major semiconductor manufacturer. The system addresses the metrology challenges of manufacturing next-generation logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND devices with imaging times measured in seconds instead of minutes.

Through patented photothermal actuation of the probe tip, Metron3D has demonstrated throughput and imaging speeds up to 100 times faster than conventional atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques. Fully automated for high throughput inline operation, the system features a wide field of view optical global alignment system, a high speed wafer stage, and a probe library with fully automated probe exchange. To ensure imaging quality in manufacturing fab environments, the system is designed to withstand acoustic noise and vibration through resonance modeling and multi-layer acoustic isolation.

Metrology is essential for maximizing yield and maximizing the cost efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing. Technological shifts to high NA EUV, hybrid wafer bonding, and complex 3D device structures are currently beyond the capabilities of existing e-beam and optical technologies and are limiting factors for further progress.

A prime example is the upcoming transition to high NA EUV. In this transition, smaller features require higher resolution metrology, but thinner resists reduce image contrast and are more susceptible to damage using e-beam techniques. Probe metrology is a well-established lab technology with the resolution and 3D imaging capabilities to overcome these challenges, but has traditionally been too slow for in-line integration. Metron3D breaks this paradigm to provide the high-throughput probing metrology required for in-line process control.

Reflecting on the challenges of next-generation devices, Marketing and Business Development Director John Cosins commented: We fully expect this to be the beginning of widespread adoption of probing as existing technology reaches its limits. ”

Further development is underway, and CTO Andrew Humphris looks to the future of technology. “The team is very proud to deliver this capability and the performance of the tool has exceeded our expectations. We are working towards further improvements in imaging speed and look forward to the next innovations on our roadmap.” I am excited to turn.”

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