Infinite will add PC controller support in Season 2

Torchlight: Infinite has some big news for Season 2. The game gets support for PC controllers. This is one of the features that will be added to the series of changes coming with the Season 2 update, and we hope to release it sooner rather than later. This makes the game easier to play with the Steam Deck. The game is already listed with the “playable” tag. But without PC controller support, the controls may not feel as fluid as you’d expect.

And it looks like things will change when the update rolls out on January 12th. Unfortunately support is not available during the holidays. Most people definitely have extra time to play it, so it was a perfect time to check it out on the Steam Deck. No. The Season 2 update introduces quite a few improvements beyond PC controller support.

PC controller support is one of many new features added to Torchlight: Infinite

Season 2 begins a new story called Shattered Black Sails. You can watch the new season sneak peek trailer above, but the gist of it is that you’ll be entering a new area called the Sea of ​​Void. I think Players can try their hand at new endgame content for new loot drops.

And if they beat the Void Sea King, they’ll get one of several new Legendary gear. The game also adds new gear slots and skills such as Moon Strike, Howling Gale, Thunder Slash, Blazing Bullet, and Haunting Abomination.

Also, if you played the game in Season 1, you should have some “Christmas goodies” ready when Season 2 ends. Torchlight: Infinite is now available on Android and iOS, as well as on PC via Steam.

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