India Inc. Indicates a 20% Desire to Hire for 2023: Taggd Decoding Jobs Report 2023

Gurgaon, Haryana March 21, 2023 ( – Indian employers have expressed cautiously optimistic hiring intentions of 20% for 2023, in contrast to the 28% rise seen last year, says Taggd in partnership with Federation of Indian Industries According to Decoding Jobs 2023 India Report produced by (CII). The solid economic performance of the Indian economy in the face of greater global challenges is driven by strong boosts in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, especially under India’s flagship ‘Make in India’ programme. and may have provided good employment momentum.

Broad hiring trends show that automotive (30%), manufacturing (25%) and financial services (24%) industries will continue to drive demand for talent in India, along with internet business (19%) and pharmaceutical and healthcare (16%). It shows dominance. ) industries are lagging behind. In the IT industry, employment is expected to grow by as much as 10% he. However, traditionally non-technical sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture and pharmaceuticals, will see increased demand for IT skills. GIC is projected to report a 29% increase in hiring in 2023 as global in-house centers or global captive centers continue to develop in India. We also see more adoption. The study found that 54% of companies are shifting their hiring efforts from Tier 1 cities to developing talent centers, showing how popular non-Tier 1 cities are for attracting top talent. . The study also notes that female participation has decreased from her 36% in 2021 to 33% in her 2022.

The report was formally launched at the Decoding Jobs Annual Conference in the presence of Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, Secretary of the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. Dr. Raajiv Singhal, Member of the CII National Committee on Skill Development and Livelihood, Founding Member, Managing Director and CEO of Marengo Asia Healthcare, was one of the dignitaries who attended the occasion. A copy of the report was also given to the Federal Labor and Employment Minister Sri Bhupender Yadav for evaluation.

Devashish Sharma, president of Taggd, said of the hiring forecast for 2023: New demand for human resources. India has managed to attract and sustain huge levels of her FDI, both from private investors as well as the large multinationals that have helped propel the economy forward. The local consumer market has also played a pivotal role as India provides balance to the current global market headwinds. ”

The conclave was attended by over 600 people, including government representatives, CEOs, CHROs, HR heads, talent acquisition leaders and senior talent acquisition practitioners. The conclave’s agenda was ‘India: A safe shore in the midst of global troubles’, with business executives and CHROs citing India as the most attractive destination for companies seeking stable and long-term growth. , discussed changes in the job market.

About the Decode Job Report

The Decoding Jobs Report is an annual compilation of two separate qualitative and quantitative studies that Taggd conducts in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The Decoding Jobs India Report, published in 2019, provides an understanding of employment intentions across seven key non-agricultural organizations sectors, tracks changes in the job market across each sector, and provides perspectives from key players in the employment ecosystem, including governments. is intended to present , academia, and business.

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