In-Car Cabin Cameras : fam cam

The Chrysler Pacifica has a valuable new feature for parents and busy drivers titled ‘Fam Cam’. This is a roof-mounted circular camera positioned between his second and third row seats in the vehicle. The Fam Cam’s main appeal is that it allows parents to keep an eye on their children, especially those in rear-facing baby seats, without the need for awkwardly placed mirrors. Additionally, baby mirror solutions require a lighted cabin, which is often uncomfortable for both the driver and the child.

However, the FamCam has a night vision mode that allows you to keep an eye on your baby even in dark driving conditions. The camera’s feed is seamlessly displayed through Chrysler’s Pacifica infotainment system, so drivers don’t have to move their heads too far to see what their kids are doing.

Image Credit: Chrysler

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