If You Invested $1,000 In Apple Stock When Donald Trump Sold, Here’s The ‘YUGE’ Return You Would Have Today – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

former president donald trump It’s not uncommon to speak up and share opinions on a variety of topics. The survey found that Trump tweeted 5,293 times in his 12 months, ranking him number one among world leaders.

was previously banned from major social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook When InstagramTrump now shares his thoughts true societya Trump-owned company in the process of merging Digital World Acquisition Corporation DWAC.

After acquiring Twitter Elon Musk has unbanned Trump’s account, but the former president has not tweeted since the ban was lifted.

What happened: Even before becoming president, Trump used Twitter to share his thoughts on topics such as finance and politics.

his opinion Apple AAPL In 2014, the company’s stock price has soared since Trump sold the stock, which proved to be inadequate trading advice.

In 2014, Trump tweeted his frustration that Apple’s iPhones don’t have big screens.

Trump said Samsung phones are much better in size and Apple should move to bigger screens.

On January 28, 2014, Trump expressed his displeasure by tweeting that he had sold his Apple stock.

“I predicted a fall in Apple stock based on Samsung’s ridiculous refusal to give them the option of a larger iPhone screen. They sold Apple stock,” Trump said. murmured.

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Apple stock performance: On the morning of January 28, 2014, Apple stock was trading at $451.92.

A $1,000 investment could have bought 2.21 shares of Apple at the time of Trump’s tweet.

Since then, Apple’s stock has been split 7:1 in 2014 and 4:1 in 2020. His 2.21 shares in Apple today makes him 61.88 shares.

Based on Apple’s stock price of $129.62 at the time of this writing, a $1,000 investment is worth $8,020.89 today.

Investors would have enjoyed a 702.1% return over the past nine years despite the former president’s advice and actions. This represents an average annual profit of 78.0%.

at the same time, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust spy That’s an increase of 116.4%, or an average annual increase of 12.9%.

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