How your iPhone or Android can protect your children 24/7

Children are getting access to technology at a much younger age. However, big tech companies like Apple and Google are continuously improving their safety measures for minors. This is good news for parents.

How do I protect my child with iPhone?

Apple has a Family Sharing feature that allows parents to create family groups and add up to five family members using Apple devices.

Once a group is created, parental controls can be set for all children in the group. This enables controls such as screen time monitoring and purchase verification features that require parental permission to purchase or download apps.

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How to set up Family Sharing on iPhone

  • your setting app
  • Tap Your name
  • go to family sharing > set up family

  • press Continue
  • select family members want to invite
  • To create an account for your child, create a child account Enter your name and date of birth below


How to set up parental controls on iPhone

After creating a Family Sharing account and creating child accounts for your children, you can enable various parental controls on your Apple devices.

  • open setting app
  • Tap screening time

  • select This is my child’s iPhone

  • choose Year Select your child’s device and the parental control settings you want to keep on your child’s device, then tap turn on restrictions when it’s over

How can I protect my children on Android?

Similar to iPhone plans, Android has a family group feature where family managers can add up to 5 people. The only problem is that she must be 13 or older for family members to be added to the group. Users under the age of 12 can only be added if the family group manager has created a Google account for her. This can be done while your child is setting up her Android device.

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Settings may vary by Android phone manufacturer

Adam Cohen watches his son Mark, 5, use a tablet at his New York home on December 3, 2013.

Adam Cohen watches his son Mark, 5, use a tablet at his New York home on December 3, 2013.
(AP Photo/Bebett Matthews)

How to add family members on Android

  • open Google Play app
  • Tap. profile icon on the top right
  • go to setting > family > family management
  • Tap invite family Choose who you want to invite
  • press send

How to set up parental controls on Android

  • open google play app
  • your profile icon on the top right
  • go to setting > family > Parental control
  • toggle on Parental control
  • set limits For each section that enables parental controls such as Books, Movies, TV, Apps, Games, etc.


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