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NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 19, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is very difficult when people trade in their old Android phone for a new iPhone 14. The data contains large files, so the user is afraid of losing his WhatsApp messages while moving. “In order to provide users with better software, Tenorshare provides a secure tool like Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer to help him transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14 without factory reset. ‘he said, according to a Tenorshare spokesperson.

“Also, during Tenorshare’s special Christmas offer, fans can get a Tenorshare coupon code to easily transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS without factory reset. Don’t hesitate to join us and get exclusive discounts including a $500 gift card. But don’t forget to learn how to use iCareFone for WhatsApp transfer below.


How to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 2023?

There is already an official app called “Move to iOS” that helps users transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14, but it requires a factory reset of the device, resulting in data loss. In contrast, Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is the best WhatsApp alternative solution with high success rate and no factory reset.

Just follow the steps below and it will take a few minutes to transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone.

* After connecting the phone to the PC,[WhatsApp]Select >[転送]Click >[続行]Tap.

* Open WhatsApp,[設定]>[チャット]>[チャット バックアップ]to create a backup.

* Select the type of WhatsApp data you want to transfer and wait for the transfer procedure to complete.

Features of Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer

* Quickly transfer WhatsApp data without factory reset.

* Transfer all WhatsApp data between Android and iOS.

* One-click backup, restore and transfer WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business.

* Offers nearly 100% success rate of WhatsApp transfer with excellent service.

* Export WhatsApp Business backup to HTML for viewing.

Can I transfer WhatsApp from Android to Phone 14 without computer?

If your computer is not nearby and you are worried about data loss due to transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14, iCareFone Transfer to iPhone app can help you transfer WhatsApp data without PC. Now you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14 quickly and effectively anytime, anywhere with iCareFone.

Warm Christmas Discounts for Forwarding WhatsApp Messages

Tenorshare recently launched a warm Christmas sale. This allows applicants to play her Tenorshare Treasure Hunt game and win big discounts. And don’t forget to take advantage of the discount you’ve earned to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14 in no time with iCareFone Transfer.

About tenorshare

Under the mission of “Better Software, Better Life”, Tenorshare is doing our best to hone the core technologies of iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms. It is iCareFone Transfer that makes the WhatsApp transfer process easier and safer. Join the Tenor Share Treasure Hunt Game!






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