How to tell if someone is snooping on your Android

It takes seconds for someone to compromise the privacy and security of your Android smartphone. While breaches from strangers such as hackers and other cybercriminals are more commonly discussed, the most shocking is snooping by someone close to you. It is also difficult to detect that Snoop has invaded your private life.


Where Your Android Can Be Spyed

  • at home
  • at a friend’s or neighbor’s house
  • at work
  • on the go

It doesn’t take long for a nosy to gain access to your phone or change settings that allow access in the future or remotely.

Most people don’t even think about securing their Android, especially around friends, family, or familiar settings, so they might not even notice if their phone is sneaking up on them.

To be safe, follow the steps below to make your phone more secure and safe from hackers and snoops.

Note that settings may vary depending on the Android smartphone manufacturer.

How to change privacy settings on your Android device

How to check if Snoop is spying on Android

Photo of a woman holding a Samsung phone.
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It doesn’t take long to enter the screen lock and access your Android. You might think there should be a more sophisticated way to access Android, but it’s as easy as looking over your shoulder without expecting to spy on the screen lock you typed.

Once this snoop looks good or gets a few looks over time, you’ll find yourself on your phone when you put it down to use the bathroom or run to get something from another room. intrusion is possible.

Follow these simple steps to make it more difficult for snoopers to access your phone.

1. Restart Android

Photo of a woman rebooting her Android smartphone.

Photo of a woman rebooting her Android smartphone.
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For most Android phones:

  • Hold down the power button and[電源オプション]from the menu[再起動]or[電源をオフにして再起動]Choose.

For newer Samsung devices:

  • Hold the power/side button and turn the volume down
  • The power options menu will appear
  • Please select the desired option

For Google Pixel 6:

  • Press and hold power button and volume up button

2. Change screen lock

Tutorial pictures on how to change the lock screen on Android.

Tutorial pictures on how to change the lock screen on Android.
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  • smartphone[設定]Go to
  • Tap “Security”
  • [画面ロック]and select your preferred screen lock type
  • Already set a screen lock? To select a different lock, you must enter a pattern, PIN, or password: Pattern: Draw a simple pattern with your finger PIN: Minimum of 4 numbers , but long PINs (4 or more digits) tend to be more secure.Password: Please enter at least 4 letters or numbers
  • Pattern: Draw a simple pattern with your finger
  • PIN: Enter at least 4 digits, but longer PINs (4 or more digits) tend to be more secure.
  • Password: Please enter at least 4 letters or numbers
  • Tap your preferred option[画面ロック]Select an option and follow the on-screen instructions

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3. Check for latest Android updates

Keeping your phone’s operating system up to date is important for security. As loopholes for hackers and snoopers are discovered, updates are usually made to stop them.

To check which Android OS you’re running

  • smartphone[設定]Go to
  • [端末情報]then tap[Android バージョン]Tap
  • You can check “Android Version”, “Android Security Update” and “Build Number”.

Get the latest Android updates available

If you get a notification, open it and select Update

  • If you dismiss the notification or your device is offline:
  • smartphone[設定]Go to
  • Tap System, then tap System Updates
  • Once the status is displayed, you can follow the on-screen instructions (if required).

Get Google Play system and security updates

  • smartphone[設定]Go to
  • Tap “Security”
  • Tap Google Security Checkup to see if security updates are available
  • To check if there is a Google Play system update available,[Google Play システム アップデート]Tap

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Phone stock phone with locked screen.

Phone stock phone with locked screen.
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How to prevent Android snoop spying

  • Be careful when entering screen lock. Be aware of people around you when entering the screen lock, as someone could be over your shoulder and compromise your security. Get a privacy screen protector. It’s usually a piece of plastic or tempered glass that you can stick to your phone’s screen that not only protects it from cracks and scratches, but also blocks light from certain angles so people around you can see what you’re typing. allow you to see.
  • Do not share passwords or passcodes. If your Android device has a Google profile set up, you can set up a different profile or a guest profile. This limits access to your phone’s settings and information.
  • send videos and photos directly to someone Instead of handing over an unlocked phone
  • Never leave your phone unattended
  • The wisest protection is to install good security protection Get the best protection for all your devices. My number one pick is TotalAV (Limited time offer: $19 (80% off) for the first year. Search “best antivirus” on for my expert reviews of the best antivirus protection. please refer to.

Have you ever been snooped on before? Or hacking? how did you know Comment below.


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