How to Optimize Your Desktop for Studying Better

A laptop is a must-have for college students. Used for online classes, research, homework, personal projects, or freelance gigs.If you have a Mac, the great news is that you can optimize it for more productive learning. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

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Organize your browser

The browser is another part of your laptop that can get cluttered fairly easily. Some people recommend using two separate browsers, one for research/work and one for personal use. It’s efficient because it creates a specific routine that sets the mood. On Mac, you can set the priority of browsers that open automatically in certain cases (such as Chrome for Slack links and Firefox for messages).

Either way, clean up and optimize your browser to make it run faster. Clear your cache regularly, close unused tabs, and bookmark only relevant websites. You can also separate your bookmarks into multiple folders. Place the most widely used ones as shortcuts.

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clean the desktop

It’s a simple trick, but the effect is huge. A cluttered desktop can make things harder to find and more likely to distract you from your work. So less stuff is better. Now he can focus on just one thing: research, papers, or online lectures.

We recommend creating two separate users, one for college and one for leisure. You can also set different fingers for Touch ID and easily switch between them. Each user can have a separate desktop containing only the apps they need. For example, you can set a restriction to open Messenger only with your personal account.

Try the focus function

This is a great feature for students who need more focus on their tasks. You can filter the notifications you receive for a set period of time. For example, if you’re writing an essay, you can restrict all notifications except important ones.

The best part is that you can set the focus mode for different activities with different adjustments. For example, one for writing, one for reading, and one for gaming. And it automatically syncs with your iPhone, so you won’t be distracted by notifications.

Improve your Mac’s performance

When it comes to speed and power, you can also do some things to improve your Mac’s performance. Also this:

  • We regularly update our system for new features and security measures.
  • Get more space and faster speeds with the Optimize Storage feature.
  • Close apps that you are not currently using. Click and hold the app icon in the Dock,[終了]Click.
  • Uninstall apps that you haven’t used in a long time and don’t plan to use.
  • Clear startup items. Go to System Preferences – Accounts – Login Items.
  • Use the “Fan Control” feature when working with a laptop.
  • Check Activity Monitor regularly to see what applications are running.
  • Empty the Trash and remove unnecessary files from your hard drive.

try voice over

Macs have an amazing feature that many students have access to: VoiceOver. Read selected text. This helps those who process audio information better. Or if your eyes are tired from reading for a long time, they are comfortable.

It can also be used to read large chunks of text while doing something else. For example, you can listen to lecture notes or key points while working on an assignment. Another application of VoiceOver is to use it when proofreading your writing. It is often easier to assess the flow and spot mistakes while listening to the text.

You can use the shortcut Cmd+F5 to enable this feature.

Backup settings

There are several ways for students to back up information on their Apple computers. Using regular backups is a good practice to protect your valuable data.

Here is what you can do. First, you can use Time Machine to back up all your information to an external hard drive. Then use iCloud for all your important documents. This allows you to access it anytime on the go from any other device. And your digital storage is available even if your physical drive fails. With both set to automatic functions, you will never forget to back up your data.

Neat minimal work desk with computer

Create a virtual screen

If you need to keep some things separate, you can create virtual screens. This way, each will focus on a specific task without distracting you. The other is for full-screen calendars and schedules.

This allows you to easily switch between them as needed and stay on top of everything today. Some of the best scheduling apps for Mac are Fantastical and Todoist.

Remove apps from Dock

A Dock full of icons of all kinds can be a distraction. You can also hide the Dock completely (right-click any empty space in the Dock, select[非表示にする]Choose). But if that’s not for you, the other option is to remove irrelevant apps from there.

A minimalist approach can help you focus, save time, and avoid decision-making fatigue. there is. Other icons can be deleted. To do this, right-click the icon and unmark the “Keep in Dock” option.

In summary

A little optimization and organization can help you learn your Mac more efficiently and comfortably. Use these tips and adjust them for your specific needs.

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