How to keep the Android lock screen from displaying sensitive content

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Like iOS, Android does its best to be a secure platform. But one thing he does about operating systems is that developers are the only ones responsible for preventing unwanted people from accessing their data. Users need to pay attention to the apps they install, the networks they connect to, and even the information they display on their lock screen.

By default, Android displays enough content on your lock screen to give everyone a glimpse of what’s going on in your life. You may receive texts or emails that contain sensitive information in the first sentence of the message body.

By default, when that message arrives, Android displays a portion of it on the lock screen for everyone to see.

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But it’s actually pretty easy to keep sensitive content out of your Android’s lock screen. Let me show you how.


If you have a device running Android 10 or higher, most Android devices sold in the last few years, it should include the ability to hide content from the lock screen. Demonstrate on Android 13. pixel 7 pro.

Keep your device handy and keep sensitive content out of your lock screen.

How to prevent sensitive content from appearing on the Android lock screen

Press and hold an empty spot on the lock screen to tap[ホーム設定]Tap.

Android lock screen options to display wallpapers and styles, widgets, and home settings

A long press on the home screen brings up this popup.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

From the Settings window, tap the At a Glance gear icon.

At A Glance gear icon for Android 13.

Access to At A Glance configuration for Android 13.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Tap Sensitive Lock Screen Content. In the window that appears,[機密通知], and tap the on/off slider to the off position. This prevents what apps consider sensitive content from appearing on the Android lock screen.

On/off switch for confidential notifications in Android 13.

You can also hide silent conversations and notifications from this same screen.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

With this setting, you will still see notifications on your lock screen, but will not see any additional content if Android deems it sensitive. This way you can know that something has arrived, but you will need to unlock your device to see the information.

If you don’t want someone reading your content from your lock screen, this is one way to prevent it. Sure, you have to take extra steps to read the content, but the added security and privacy is worth the inconvenience. You can also set it to hide, hide all notifications.

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