How to disable video autoplay feature on Android

Google Discover A Google-curated feed for delivering articles. video on your mobile device. Provide users with personalized content through search and related articles.It provides daily news and relevant content to android smartphone Just swipe left from the home screen.

Google discover
Google Discover pushes a variety of news and stories to your Google Search app. You can customize your Discover feed by adding interests. Aimed at helping users find content online that reflects their interests, each Google Discover feed is personalized for each user.

Videos from Google Discover
Google Discover is primarily used as a news feed. This is to find fresh and useful articles on all topics that your device determines are relevant to you. In addition to these articles, it appears as a complete card or Google Stories.

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If you find one of these videos on Google Discover, you may notice that the YouTube video being displayed immediately starts playing. The app will show a preview of the YouTube video even if it hasn’t started yet.

To disable Video autoplay on Google Discover
Sometimes you don’t want to see these automatically playing previews as you scroll through your feed. To that end, Google offers users the option to turn this feature off at all times. If you disable this feature, Google Discover will show YouTube videos that look like static cards.

Step-by-step instructions on how to disable video autoplay in Google Discover on Android.


swipe left On the home screen of your Android smartphone, Google Discover.


your profile picturein the upper right corner.


go to setting tab.


choose Universal option.


next, Autoplay video preview option.


choose I never have Option to completely disable video autoplay.


You can also choose Wi-Fi only For autoplaying videos when using Wi-Fi only.

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