How to clear WhatsApp storage space on Android

There are many perks to using WhatsApp, but sometimes you just want to get rid of good morning messages and memes. You can ignore them, but these images and videos are often downloaded automatically and over time consume a significant portion of your device’s storage.

It’s a tedious task, especially if you belong to multiple groups or receive a lot of media such as photos, videos, files, etc. from many people. Thankfully, WhatsApp comes with a built-in storage tool that allows you to identify which chats are taking up how much storage and sort files by size. Here’s how to release it.

1. Open WhatsApp and tap[チャット]Go to tab.[その他のオプション]then tap[設定]Go to.

2.[ストレージとデータ]then tap[ストレージの管理]find the options.

3. At the top you will see messages that have been forwarded many times. Below this, you will see files “greater than 5 MB”.

4. Tapping on the aforementioned sections will give you the option to select and delete them one by one. Alternatively, you can select all and delete.

5. To delete, first select all items you want to delete and tap the delete icon that appears on the top right of the app.

6. You can also use the search function to remove items from the chat. To do this, go to the Chat section and tap Photos, Videos and Documents. Find the item you want to delete, tap More and press the Delete button.

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