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Finding the most popular gifts and gadgets this holiday season can be difficult. Just in time for the shopping season, the internationally recognized social media expert and host of What’s Trending, a show that offers insight and expertise in finding the perfect presents to spend this special holiday. . Shira Lazar shares unique insights on the hottest gifts and gadgets everyone is looking for. This year, experts are advising consumers to buy early and allow plenty of time to send gifts during the holiday season.

Save money while on vacation
This season, checkout with PayPal and select Pay Later to choose the payment option that best fits your budget. Pay Later with PayPal gives everyone more flexibility to prepare for early vacation by spreading out payments to fit their budget. You have more choice in how you pay for your purchases, with the option to split your purchase into 4 payments fortnightly or monthly payments.

technology trends
See RCA. Equipped with affordable electronics, it’s the perfect gift for someone who calculates on the go. The company’s 15-inch slim laptop features an Intel Pentium processor for fast connections and Windows 11 for fast booting. The RCA Android Tablet Bundle has a variety of color choices, two screen sizes, an integrated touch screen, massive storage, and a quad-core processor. The 8-inch has a folio case and earbuds, while the 10-inch includes a Bluetooth keyboard and headphones. Tablet bundles are available at starting at just under $80. Visit for the full line-up.

Gift suggestions for gamers
Experience Sonic like never before with Sonic Frontiers. This new high-speed action-adventure platformer is perfect for Sonic fans and all gamers. New open-zone platforming features exhilarating combat and engaging puzzles. Sonic Frontiers is the evolution of Sonic and is available on all current generations of consoles and PC for $59.99. In the new game, in search of Chaos his Emerald, Sonic travels across mysterious lands and battles powerful enemies while exploring a world of action, adventure and mystery.

trend gadget gifts
This product has over 70,000 positive reviews on Amazon. This is YES YOU CAN from Kitchen Mama. The Kitchen Mama is Amazon’s best-selling electric can opener. Easy to use, hands-free, with the push of a button the can rims open cleanly and all sharp edges are eliminated, providing a safe experience for users of all ages. The Kitchen Mama features a slanted blade that minimizes food contact, so you lift the lid without touching your food. It’s available on Amazon, but anyone can find it through Kitchen Mama’s website,, and other online retailers.

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