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Are you looking for gadget gifts for kids? So today’s digest is for you. Coding robots, screenless toys, building sets and more.

Your children are fine all year round. So give them the special Christmas gift they deserve with these best gadgets for kids.

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Does your child like reading? With the Amazon All-New Kindle Kids (2022), you’ll be able to discover stories anywhere without eye strain. It has a paper-like display dedicated to books.

Then your child can discover music and stories for up to 8 hours with the Jooki Kids Music and Story Player. This screenless device plays music from Spotify and works with cute figurines.

These gadgets for kids are the perfect gift for Christmas 2022.

1. Amazon All-New Kindle Kids (2022 Release) e-Reader It provides a glare-free screen for kids ages 3-12 and costs $119.99 on Amazon.

Amazon All-New Kindle Kids (2022 Release) E-Reader in Use

Kids and parents will love Amazon’s all-new Kindle Kids (2022 release) e-reader. The glare-free screen is comfortable for young readers indoors and outdoors. Even better, a single charge provides enough power for at least six weeks.

2. Jooki Kids Music & Story Player No screen prevents eye strain. The price on the official website is $112.99.

Using Jooki’s Music for Kids and Story Player

Keep your kids entertained screen-free with Jooki’s music and story player for kids. Plays a Spotify playlist when your child places a figurine on her Jooki and works with her wireless headset.

3. Petoi Bittle STEM Kit Open source robot dog teaches kids Scratch/C++/Python coding. It costs $214 on the official website.

Petoi Bittle STEM Kit Open Source Dog Robot Design

The palm-sized and adorable Petoi Bittle STEM Kit open source robotic dog shows off tricks like a real dog and teaches kids Scratch/C++/Python concepts. It’s compact, agile, and navigates a wide variety of terrain. One of the best gadgets for kids right now.

4. Purrble’s Companion Kids Wellbeing Teddy calms children’s anxiety with its soothing gurgling sound. Purchased on the official website for $59.99.

Purrble Companion Kids Wellbeing Teddy In Use

Keep your child relaxed in stressful situations with the Purrble Companion Kids Wellbeing Teddy. Soothing purr sounds to make your child feel better. Moreover, its sensors respond to touch and movement.

Five. LEGO Marvel I’m Groot Kids ages 10 and up can recreate adorable Marvel toddlers. The price on the official website is $54.99.

LEGO Marvel I am Groot Product Design

Exercise your child’s building skills with LEGO Marvel I am Groot. Comes with 476 pieces for fun projects. The resulting figure is easy to move and pose. This app allows your child to zoom in, view and rotate the model for an immersive experience.

6. The Segway Ninebot S Kids children’s self-balancing vehicle brings a lot of fun to children’s outdoor play. You can buy it for $299.99 on his website at the company.

Segway Ninebot S Kids Children’s Self-Balancing Vehicle Product Demo

of Segway Ninebot S Kids It’s not just fun. It’s safe too. Integrated safety engineering provides real-time protection reminders and makes riding a breeze. With a top speed of 8.7 mph and ambient safety lights, he’s one of the best gadgets to buy for kids.

7. With the ClicBot Coding Robot for Kids, you can build a robot that your little ones can cuddle with. It costs $449.99 on the official website.

ClicBot Kids Coding Robot Use Case

Support your child’s creativity and STEM learning with the ClicBot Kid’s Coding Robot. This cute robot has simple parts that snap together easily. Modular design offers many ways to customize and play.

8. The Blok 33 Swiss Children’s Watch shows the time in a visual way that is easy for children to understand. Available on the brand’s website for $179.

Blok 33 Pink Swiss Children’s Watch

Let your child practice telling the time with the Blok 33 Swiss Children’s Watch. Your child can set her 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute blocks to give her time more visually. It is water resistant and has an ETA Swiss Quartz movement.

9. Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones Designed for small ears. Volume is limited to 85 dB. Available on Amazon for $34.95.

Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids in use

Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones protect your child’s ears when listening to music or watching movies. It prevents the volume from exceeding 85 dB, has a battery life of 30 hours and has a built-in microphone for communicating with connected devices. They belong to the list of best gadgets for kids.

Ten. lunii My Fabulous Storyteller A children’s book without a screen talk and play music. Purchased on the official website for $79.90.

lunii My Fabulous Storyteller Children’s book without a screen on the table

Give your child screen-free toys with the lunii MyFabulous Storyteller Screenless Children’s Book. This children’s gadget comes with various songs, stories, meditation sessions, and more. Children can follow story cards or record their own stories.

Choose one of these cool gadgets and give your child a gift they can play with all year long. Did you recently buy a great kid’s device? Tell us about it!

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