Historic Mobile church building now new home to Cottage Hill downtown campus

Downtown Church, the campus of Mobile’s Cottage Hill Baptist Church, officially found its home in Steeple, St. Francis, on the site of the historic St. Francis Street United Methodist Church.

In 2022, Cottage Hill Baptist founded another non-profit called “The Hill Collective” with the goal of planting, replanting and adopting churches. The founding of Downtown Church in 2018 and the recent purchase of The Steeple are the first steps in Cottage Hill’s goal of reaching out to the community for its congregation.


Alan Floyd, Cottage Hill’s senior pastor, said, “We hope that Downtown Church will serve as a blueprint and a model to encourage church rebuilding.” ), the community loses more than a place of worship: it can lose its mind.

The spire was established in the mid-1800s. The current building was built in 1895 after a fire destroyed the previous building. Once a center of ecclesiastical activity, St. Francis Church closed in 1993 and became an event space in 2015.

After being empty most days and used only for events for 30 years, the Steeple is filled with church activity again.

Contribution to local communities

The family gathered at a downtown church in August 2021 for a celebration to launch a Life group at Cottage Hill Baptist’s then-three-year-old church factory in Mobile. (Photo by Alabama Baptiste — courtesy of Cottage Hill)

Since launching, Downtown Church has held meetings every Sunday morning in rented space at The Steeple, where they can now call it their permanent home. Downtown Church loves the people of Mobile and strives to connect people with Jesus His Christ, leaders note.

In addition to Sunday morning services, Downtown Church members participate in community activities in downtown Mobile. Church members are eager to make a positive impact on the lives of those who live and work in this area.

The Cottage Hill leaders said they were grateful that God gave them leadership, resources and hearts to help the church plant, replant and thrive.

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