Hints of Chrome’s 2023 Material You refresh show up in Canary for desktop

rounded text box who?

Google Chrome has been the go-to web browser for many over the years, partly because developers are constantly drafting, deprecating, and rolling out new features in hopes of improving usability and performance. was. One such feature includes Chrome’s look, which Google plans to begin a major redesign this year. We now have more information about what this looks like thanks to a new flag that can be enabled in the desktop version of Chrome Canary.


To be completely clear, we’re only seeing a few visual changes at the moment, but there should be more. It shows rounded buttons and text boxes compared to the version (right).

Enabling the flag gives the tab’s backboard a bluish tint (left). However, it is difficult to distinguish from this, at least in the macOS version of Chrome Canary. You can try the partial redesign yourself by enabling the following flags — chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023.

As 9to5Google points out, developers have been teasing Google Chrome’s redesign in an entry in the Chromium repository since last November.

Last week we got a glimpse of some new look accents that seem to be linked with the new design. We are also working on other visual upgrades for Chrome on top.

Hopefully more people will be able to see what’s in the redesign as it makes its way through the channels in the coming weeks and months. should arrive in the desktop client stable channel at some point. This includes Lacros and Fuchsia.

Don’t wait for the official announcement yet. The blog breadcrumbs are sure to grow, including Android Police.

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