High-Powered Portable Flashlights : High-Powered Portable Flashlights

Imalent has launched a high performance portable flashlight called the SR32. The company claims it’s the brightest of its modern flashlights. The flashlight has 32 LEDs that reach 120,000 lumens and a powerful 32000mAh battery. The flashlight he can illuminate a range of 2080 meters, perfect for search and rescue operations and night field activities.

The flashlight has 6 power levels, including a tactical strobe mode made for emergency signals. The flashlight design features a heat treated aluminum body. The flashlight also has an IP56 rating for water and dust resistance. The flashlight supports 90 minutes of fast charging and features thermal intelligent temperature control with an active cooling system. Additionally, the OLED display shows warnings about battery status, power level and heat. It also has a detachable metal handle with shoulder strap and detachable side switch for convenience and portability. SR32 is available for $679.99.

Image Credit: Imalent

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