High-Durable Smart Tablets : rugged design

Hisense has announced the Hisense 5G P50 tablet with a rugged design and 5G connectivity. Hisense is known for its TV products and is now beginning to introduce tablets into its product line. This new Android-powered tablet is built to last, along with tablet features such as the tablet’s curvaceous hard cover.

The Hisense 5G P50 tablet consists of a 10.1-inch FHD IPS LCD screen and a panel that includes carry support for a capacitive stylus pen. The tablet also uses his 6,000mAh battery with a 48MP main camera. For durability, it has IP68 and IP69 dustproof and waterproof certifications. Additionally, Hisense claims the tablet is also explosion-proof, allowing it to be used in mining, petroleum, chemical, and other harsh environments.

Image Credit: Hisense

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