High-Definition Dashboard Cameras : ring car cam

Amazon announced a new “Ring Car Cam” at CES 2023. This is the company’s first entry into the dashboard camera category. “Ring Car Cam” records using double-sided high-definition wide-angle cameras with night vision for late-night driving and intrusion prevention. Through the Ring app, consumers can monitor their trips and vehicles using the device’s real-time notifications, video feed, microphone, and two-way calling capabilities. The camera also comes with a cover for privacy purposes that blocks the camera and microphone.

“Ring Car Cam” comes with a subscription plan called “Ring Protect Go” that adds LTE connectivity in addition to on-demand video recording. Users can store movie events in their device’s cloud storage for up to 180 days, and can also use the “Traffic Stop” feature to record during stops or after traffic accidents.

Image credit: Amazon

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