Here’s where Amazon job cuts will hit the Bay Area

Amazon has released details about a number of layoffs affecting employees throughout the Bay Area and Southern California, based on a notice filed with state labor regulators last week.

Amazon has led the pack during massive tech layoffs over the past few months. The California layoffs were part of an announcement earlier this month by CEO Andy Jassy, ​​who said the company would cut 18,000 jobs from payroll.

The company said it plans to lay off 104 employees at its San Francisco office and 157 employees across its Sunnyvale offices.

Sunnyvale’s layoffs included software engineers, data scientists, recruiters, and many other positions.

In San Francisco, an employee working in a downtown office and one software engineer working in a location in the Bayview area were affected by the cuts. Other affected employees include recruiters, user experience designers, and product managers.

Amazon’s remaining layoffs, recently reported to the California Department of Job Development, include 57 in Santa Monica, 86 in Irvine and 100 in San Diego. Each is in effect as of his March 19th and covers different developer, hiring and business roles.

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