HealthTech Startup Abe Health Crowdsources Professional Community to Train its Algorithms in just 4 weeks

To involve nutritionists and health coaches, the Abe team launched an online competition. In this competition, experts helped Kindzuro, a digital client based on human behavior, lose weight, resulting in 2.3 million eligible data entries.

London, United Kingdom, January 18, 2023 ( – Abe Health, a health and wellness IT startup, has teamed up with nutrition and wellness coach experts to train an AI algorithm during an online competition called NutriGame. Over the course of four weeks, 119 medical professionals from 10 countries around the world tested their dietary hypotheses about Kinzurro, a virtual character trying to lose weight. The result was his 2.3 million data inputs marked up and verified by NutriGame participants.

Simulation is now 4x faster. This means that the four-month nutrition track was modeled over his actual four weeks in the game. All participants in NutriGame had to create a weight loss meal plan and feed the same virtual character, Kanazuro Yamamoto. Kindzuro profiles are filled out according to the Naturopathic College of Medicine questionnaires routinely used by clinical dietitians.

What’s more, Kinzoulo’s actions on meal plans were based on algorithms that mimic the reactions of real people. The Abe Health team used academic knowledge and the latest scientific articles to generate a huge dataset that defines human metabolic processes. Kinzuro’s actions were attributed to chaotic stock market fluctuations to mimic the unpredictable mood waves of humans.

To be successful, nutritionists and health educators had to not only create personalized meal plans, but also track Kinzuro’s behavior and suggest alternative strategies when discrepancies or shortcomings arose. The final results were based on a combination of her three factors: weight loss, health score, and level of motivation. Abe NutriGame winners (experienced clinical nutritionists from the UK, Argentina and Canada) received cash prizes of $2,500, $1,000 and $500.

Companies specializing in AI often face the same challenges of how to mark and validate data. You have to find enough professionals willing to do it. Our team came up with a great solution: a fun form of crowdsourcing. In fact, we hit our first goal and used this opportunity to test different product hypotheses. ” Roman Zelov, CEO and Founder of Abe Health (former CTO and co-founder of Behavox) said:

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Abe Health develops AI-powered solutions to make personalized health assistance services affordable for everyone. Abe is active in research and product development in his three main directions of nutrition, personal training and sports rehabilitation. Our distributed team unites his 31 experts, including experts in machine learning, nutrition and professional his sports.

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