Headstock-Topped MIDI Guitars : MIDI guitar

Zivix has gone ahead and released the latest and greatest version of their acclaimed MIDI guitar in the form of the “Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar” Headstock Edition.

This 22-fret instrument boasts the ability to quickly and seamlessly monitor and detect subtle movements such as hammer-ons, string mutes, slides and other skills, ensuring that the sound output matches the musician’s technique and musical vision. guaranteed.

Additionally, the all-new “Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar” Headstock Edition can be enjoyed in combination with a companion iOS app that allows users to change settings, tune their instruments, and expand their knowledge of guitar-centric music theory. increase.

Starting at $899.99 and available for pre-order, the “Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar” Headstock Edition is a worthy addition to the 10th anniversary of the launch of Jamstik’s first edition.

Image Credit: Zivix

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