Head coach interviews, Eli Apple, and more

In Bengals news, Brian Callahan and Lou Anarmo are finally making headlines in the head coach market. Also in Bengals news, Eli said Apple will have to pay for all the trash talk he did leading up to the AFC title game.

After the Cincinnati Bengals lost the AFC Championship, both Callahan and Anarmo have attracted interest from teams in need of head coaches. The Cardinals requested that both coordinators be interviewed for their head coaching gig, and the Colts even contacted Callahan for a second interview.

Before the title game, Apple tweeted some trash talk to the Bills, but it didn’t go down well. Unless the Bengals won the Super Bowl, Apple knew it had to face the moment. Just like when the Bengals lost the Super Bowl last year. The moment is here.

Cardinals coaching search: Bengals coordinators Lou Anarmo, Brian Callahan tabbed for interview, report says [Tyler Sullivan, CBS Sports]

“This is the first time this season that a team has asked Anarmo to speak to him about his job as head coach, and given how well the Cincinnati defense has played this season, it’s been a bit of a headache. The unit ranked 11th in the NFL by DVOA and was particularly sharp at closing out games, allowing just 3.7 points in the fourth quarter (including the playoffs) of the season.”

From Sullivan’s article

Bengals’ woes increase after Lou Anarmo gets interviewed by head coach [Stripe Hype]

Anarmo, who had never had a head coach interview before, was confused. He’s taken this Bengals defense to new heights over the past two years, and it’s good to finally see him recognized.

Brittany Matthews trolls Bengals’ Eli Apple after his ‘Cancun on three’ tweet [Jaclyn Hendricks, New York Post]

“Matthews zoomed in on Instagram Stories to see a Kansas City fan holding a sign at Arrowhead Stadium that read ‘Cancun on 3’ @EliApple. She also repeated Apple’s words in a tweet, accompanied by her peace sign. ”

From the Hendrix article

Five Bengals who likely played their last game with the team. Dark.Next

Chiefs players give Bengals cornerback Eli Apple a taste of their own medicine [Pete Grathoff, Kansas City Star]

Again, Apple had this. He went through this a little over a year ago after talking garbage during the playoffs and being cooked at the Super Bowl. He wasn’t necessarily cooked for this, but you’ll always hear people fight back against him because of his attitude. He should be used to this by now.

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