‘He can be goofy’: Lauren Sánchez reveals life with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sanchez, partner of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, gave insight into her life with a billionaire in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. Sanchez, who is also a newscaster, said she and Bezos always work out together and fly together.

She added that Bezos is “really funny” and “goofy” and always makes her laugh. “I made it clear that I am making.

He also talked about his unique “laughter”. “The first time I heard him laugh,” Sanchez said, “he was like, ‘Whoa! What’s that?'” I love it now Even if I’m at a party and we break up, if I just wait a minute, he’ll smile and I feel like he’s over there.”

Sanchez and Jeff Bezos decided to go public with their relationship in July 2019 and have been together for several years. Sanchez, who later earned his helicopter pilot’s license, founded Black Ops Aviation, a company specializing in aerial photography.

Sanchez serves as Vice Chairman of the Bezos Earth Fund, an organization Bezos launched to fight climate change and protect the environment. Sanchez has previously stated that he will go on a space trip with a group of women in 2023.

Amazon layoffs

But against the backdrop of the news, e-commerce giant Amazon has announced its largest-ever job cuts, laying off more than 18,000 employees worldwide.

Amazon previously estimated it would lay off about 10,000 employees. But when the company made the decision public, the estimate jumped to 18,000. Other tech companies such as Google, Meta, and Twitter are also conducting mass layoffs unprecedented in the tech industry.

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