HBO Max is raising prices, but it’s still cheaper than Netflix

HBO MAX has announced its first price increase. Thankfully it’s not a big deal. However, the price will increase from February 11th.

The company increases the price of the ad-free model from $14.99 to $15.99 per month. Like we said, it’s not a big deal. And it’s actually still cheaper than Netflix.

Good news? The ad-supported tier remains at $9.99/month for now. Additionally, annual plans for HBO MAX have yet to come up. $99 for ads and $149 for no ads.

This price increase comes at a rather interesting time

As you may know, HBO MAX’s parent company, Warner Media, recently merged with Discovery to form a new company called Warner Bros. Discovery or WBD. The two services are set to merge this spring, but the company has long talked about how different customers are for both services.

Can we do this price increase to add all Discovery+ content to HBO MAX? Probably not. Since Discovery+ was already about $7/month. WBD also said there’s little overlap between discovery+ and HBO MAX subscribers, and it would be difficult for discovery+ customers to accept the steep $9/month price increase.

Now, in its own statement about the price increase, WBD said, “This $1 price increase will allow us to continue our investment in delivering more culture-defining programming and enhancing the customer experience for all.” said. This is pretty much what every company says when they raise their prices.

Also interesting is that HBO MAX has been losing content left and right lately. And now WBD is raising the price of its ad-free plan? Something feels a little strange here. And this price increase feels like it’s foreseen the merger of discovery+ and HBO MAX.

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