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Apple TV+ contraction Jimmy (played by Jason Segel) is a therapist who, in the opening scene, sees him taking pills and alcohol with a hired prostitute, and his semi-estranged teenage daughter (played by Lucita Maxwell). Alice) sleeping upstairs, perhaps there is something to soothe oneself.

That his performance is an expression of unresolved grief gives the drama created by Siegel, Ted Russo‘s Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein weighs enough to bring you to tears, but his fumbling attempts to get life back on track prove good for a few laughs. But over the course of its ten-episode season (nine and a half hours of which went to critics), contraction Ultimately, it becomes clear that it is what a therapist like Jimmy might identify as perfect people-pleaser.



Too eager to be liked to risk being honest.

On-air date: Friday, January 27 (Apple TV+)
cast: Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Luke Tenney, Christa Miller, Michael Urie, Lukita Maxwell
creator: Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein

When we first meet Jimmy in the pilot (directed by James Ponsoldt), it’s been a year since he’s mourned the sudden death of his wife Tia (Lilan Borden). In the meantime, he estranges himself from Alice, nearly giving up raising her, and performing parental tasks such as feeding her, chauffeuring her, and attending parent-teacher conferences in the nosy sky next to her. I left it to Liz (Christa Miller), the Nestor of And he’s too disillusioned with his job to scarcely evoke “how does that make you feel” in response to their seemingly endless woes. and reply with a snappy montage of boring sessions. So does he.

But when Jimmy finally boiled over to one of his regulars, with surprisingly good results, he was inspired to throw caution to the wind in every aspect of his life. goes beyond the warnings of fellow therapists Gabby (Jessica Williams) and Paul (Harrison) to help patients, especially Sean (Luke Tenney, very adorable), a young Afghan who also becomes his tenant and his best friend. Vet Ford). After hours, he seeks a reunion with her loved ones who have been withdrawn for the past few months, starting with Alice.

once again tapping into the combination of puppy-like enthusiasm and a touch of freewheeling intensity that defined his most memorable roles. freaks school To how i met your mother To forget sarah marshall, Siegel makes Jimmy a sad sack more adorable than pathetic.But (unsurprisingly) the real highlight is contractionHe offers some contractionHis most heartbreaking moments, like when his voice became unguarded and raw while trying to talk to his adult daughter (Lily Rabe) about her Parkinson’s diagnosis.In the car with Gabby. Every morning”.

However, the overall impression contraction It’s certainly slightly less than the sum of its impressive parts. At the same time, it’s too heavy to function as a hangout sitcom. cougar town, and too light to function as a serious exploration of grief. Its sweet central idea about the importance of openness and connection in a lonely world is brooded by its insistence on cloaking darkness implied by its very premise. is touching on the one hand, sustaining him as an imperfect soul worthy of Paul’s guidance, Sean’s trust, and Alice’s love. Protect Jimmy.

That cowardice is misplaced when faced with the serious issues weighing on Jimmy. right Will Alice really be quick to forgive her father for nearly abandoning her when her mother died? At worst, it may feel counterproductive. Jimmy isn’t the first television therapist to line up with a patient. Shaw is self-aware enough to call him that. However, his highly intrusive methods, such as eavesdropping on one client’s date and offering unsolicited advice, have proven highly effective. contraction Most of the discussion is about treatment. Shaw carelessly asks who needs professional help.

contractionLawrence and Goldstein already have a seemingly upbeat show that takes mental health issues seriously, so the shortcomings of . Ted RussoIn the second season, the title character (Jason Sudeikis) begins to unravel the anxieties and trauma that underlie his upbeat demeanor during a difficult conversation with Dr. Sharon (Sarah Niles).

for that honor, contraction admits that Jimmy’s approach may not always be healthy — as Paul points out, Jimmy had a certain amount of anxiety when he stopped partying and started getting overly involved in his clients’ lives. It’s just traded one paralyzed habit for another — and perhaps the series is heading for a similar deepening in sophomore year. But so far, at least, it seems more concerned with maintaining a pleasant tone than grappling with the prickly, unwieldy emotions boiling beneath the surface.

Character in that sense contraction The closest resemblance isn’t actually the main character, but his best friend Brian (Michael Urie). Early in the season, Jimmy points out that it was the very attitude that set the wedge between them in motion after Tia’s death, with Brian calling himself a “human Zoloft” trying to cheer up his pals. I thought it was taking . Jimmy now explains that it nullified his grief. Brian listens and seems to take Jimmy’s advice seriously.but maybe it’s contraction It really needed to hear it.

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