Handheld Cloud-Gaming Consoles : rk2023

The Powkiddy RK2023 is a retro gaming handheld shaped like the original Game Boy Advance, bringing a touch of nostalgia to modern users. It has a 3.5-inch IPS display, a 3,500 mAh battery and 1 GB of RAM, housed in a compact 151.5 x 78 x 17.5 mm housing.

The console is equipped with a dual TF card independent system and game storage design, eliminating the need to copy games to the main SD card to upgrade the system, preserving the custom operating system on the first SD card . This feature allows you to easily upgrade your system and keep your favorite games. The console also supports open source systems, allows arbitrary upgrades, and is compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators.

RK2023 uses the RK3566 chip and supports multiple open source Linux systems. It also features stereo dual channel speakers and a unique shape design, making it an extraordinary product. Powkiddy RK2023 has two color options and can emulate simple retro games up to the 16-bit era.

Image Credit: Powkiddy

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