Government makes USB-C charging port mandatory: What it means for iPhone and Android smartphone users

next European Unionmandated USB-C chargers for all electronic devices, the Indian government is moving in a similar direction. The government has also announced plans to standardize charging ports for smartphones, laptops and tablets in India. As part of these Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) – the body responsible for quality certification of domestic electronics and gadgets – formalizes national charging standards.
Why Electronic Device Chargers Are Popular
of Consumer Affairs Agency says it aims to benefit consumers and reduce e-waste. The EU also argues for similar reasons for mandating USB Type C. It claims that this change will have a positive impact on the environment. In India, her two charging standards for electronic devices are being considered.
As far as the rollout timeline goes, there was agreement on a phased rollout of the plan so that consumers would not face any issues with the transition.
According to Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh, India will coincide with the European Union’s (EU) timeline, i.e. December 28, 2024. “Because mobile and electronics manufacturers have global supply chains and they don’t just supply to India.”
What does this mean for Android users?
Most Android smartphone makers already have a USB-C charging port on their phones, so you may not have to worry about this mandate. In fact, most earphones, laptops, tablets, etc. sold in India have a USB-C port. Those still offering micro USB ports will have to transition to the new standard before the deadline.
what does it mean apple?
Apple is one of the companies hardest hit by the new order.of iphone The manufacturer is the largest phone maker that has not moved to USB-C for wired charging. Apple’s counter-argument is that if the company moved to his USB-C, it would create e-waste as millions of users would have to move to the new standard and ditch their Lightning cables.

Earlier this year, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Tech Live event that the company “must comply” with the EU’s mandate to talk about the ruling.
Apple may never introduce USB-C charging to iPhones
People are eyeing Apple for how the tech giant will bring USB-C ports to phones, or how it sidesteps obligations to bring something that doesn’t affect long-term plans. Industry experts have already hinted that Apple is committed to a fully wireless future, with solutions expected to be as efficient as wired charging.
Moreover, the time given by the EU and India may be enough for Apple to master wireless technology. So instead of moving to USB-C, the company may move to wireless charging for all of its products.
Apple usually holds iPhone launch events in September. So with the presumed iPhone 16 series he is expected to debut in September 2024, he may not need to bring USB-C until 2025. The last date is his December 28th, so in 2024, he could see an iPhone with USB-C as early as September 2025, if Apple doesn’t offer the expected wireless solution. I have.

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