Google’s latest tool, adding illustrations to your contacts on android, check details

Google’s latest tool to add illustrations to contacts on android, check out more (Image:

Delhi : Google’s illustration tool is now included in the Android contact management program “Google Contacts”. This allows users to design their own profile.

Google, a highly competitive technology company, has added the ability for users to design their own profile picture to their Android contact management service, Google Contacts. A new “Google Illustration” tool for contacts is accessible while editing a contact. “Illustration” appears as the first tab next to “Google Images” and “Device Photos”.

Starting September 2021, you can now use the “Google Illustrations” feature in Gmail. The collection has not changed, but the internationally competitive collection has launched new selections in each subcategory. Once inside the editor, you can now see the new Quick Crop feature that ties into the other color tools.

New in Google Contacts for Android[ハイライト]Options are now the bottom bar section[連絡先]When[修正と管理]A new tab will appear in between.

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