Google spotted beta testing state ID cards in Android Wallet in Maryland

report from The Barge Google confirms beta testing support for digital ID cards in the Google Wallet app. Apple Wallet currently supports adding ID cards in his three states: Maryland, Colorado, and Arizona.

Tipsters sent in screenshots The Barge We have shared the process required to add a new ID card to your wallet. First scan the front of your ID > scan the back > take a short video of your face > submit it to the state (in this case Maryland) for approval. Tipsters were able to add ID cards using the latest update to Google Play Services Beta.

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<span><strong>sauce: <i>The Barge</i></strong></span></p>
<p>State ID support in Google Wallet is reportedly working on the new Google Pixel smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S20, although support between devices may differ (though more likely on Pixel There is a possibility).</p>
<p>Android Digital IDs in Google Wallet will be supported in a future update of Google Play Services and will be supported on Android devices with Android 8.0 and higher. For more information on the process, please see the latest Google Support page.</p>
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