Google, Samsung’s Health Connect might integrate into Android 14

Platform and application programming interfaces (APIs) ‘health connectionsystem jointly developed with Google When samsungreportedly integrated into android 14 System software.

Health Connect is an Android API and platform that collects and securely stores health and fitness data from applications and devices and allows users to share that data with other applications and devices. sam mobile.

Google could make Health Connect the default application for Android 14.

As applications become an integral part of the operating system (OS), more and more application developers integrate services into their applications.

As more applications integrate with Health Connect, users will be able to easily share health and fitness data between applications.

It also allows users to easily switch between different brands of smartwatches without worrying about losing their health and fitness data.

Health Connect is now available as an Android application. smartphone When wearll OS smartwatch, says the report.

In May, Google and Samsung teamed up to give developers the opportunity to sync users’ health and fitness data between Android apps and their devices.

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