Google Purchase Requests feature available on Android devices: What it is? All you need to know

Google Purchase Request Features: US-based technology giant Google has added a new “Purchase Request” feature that gives family managers the option to approve or decline purchases for their children. Google is adding new and easy ways for families to securely purchase both paid apps and in-app purchases.

Google Purchase Request Feature: Explained

Google Play allows children under the age of 13 to submit purchase requests directly to the family manager if the user has not set up a family payment method. Users can then evaluate the request and important information regarding your application or in-app purchase on their device and decide whether to complete the purchase.

To complete a purchase, you can use your own stored payment method, such as a Google Play gift card. Family Managers receive real-time notifications of these purchase requests, but can also review them in the Approval Requests Queue and make decisions later. Similar to your family’s payment methods, you can see all transactions completed through purchase requests in your order history.

In related news, Google’s upcoming “Pixel Tablet” and its charging speaker dock have been leaked on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook’s destination where people can buy and sell items. His unannounced Pixel Tablet will feature screen settings similar to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro’s Feathers collection, reports Gizmochina.

A Google Pixel Tablet leak showed what the default application settings looked like. The tablet-optimized Pixel Launcher home screen appeared with a search bar above the default applications.

Applications included Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Photos, and the last two slots were suggestions. The 256GB variant showed up on Facebook Marketplace and had an estimated battery life of around 16 hours at 70%. The leak also revealed a rear view of the Pixel Tablet, showing “USB-C and speaker grilles at the connection to the charging speaker dock.”

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