Google promises to make major changes to Android in India

Yesterday, Google was sued by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) over its dominant advertising business. Although not directly related, after the Competition Commission of India (CCI) fined him $161 million, the company promised to make some changes to its Android-related business practices in India. Did.

Google now allows Indian smartphone vendors to license individual apps pre-installed on Android devices. The company is changing business agreements with phone makers to no longer force devices to bundle his Google app by default.

Additionally, Google allows consumers to change their search engine or select a third-party billing system from a selection screen. Other more technical changes are listed below.

  • We are updating Android compatibility requirements to introduce changes for partners building incompatible or forked variants.
  • Android has always supported installing apps from various sources, including sideloading apps directly from developer websites. We recently made changes to Android’s installation flow and auto-update functionality for sideloaded apps and app stores to help users understand potential security risks.

Google stresses that these are complex changes that require time and cooperation from all involved.

Implementing these changes across the ecosystem is a complex process, requires a lot of work on our part, and often requires support from partners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and developers. will require a great deal of effort. Our commitment to Indian users and the country’s digital transformation is unwavering.

Google has said it will continue to appeal the CCI’s decision, but has now agreed to implement changes to comply with the order. It is also important to understand that all of these changes are limited to the Indian market and are not intended to apply globally.

Source: Google via TechCrunch

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