Google Podcasts has stopped appearing in Search results


  • Google Search no longer shows play buttons for podcasts that link to Google Podcasts.
  • The ability to listen to podcasts directly from search results is gone.
  • The Google Podcasts app hasn’t been updated in months.

Google is known for discontinuing many of its products. In fact, today one of his on Stadia will be closed. And it looks like Google Podcasts is heading in the same direction soon.

Google introduced the Google Podcasts app in 2018. The beauty of this app is that listeners can find and listen to individual podcast episodes directly from Search. You can also continue the same episode on different devices from the app or search.

Regardless of how often you use it, Google seems to have stopped updating the app in 2021, shortly after YouTube started focusing on enhancing the podcast experience. bloomberg.

According to a new report from sub newsthe company now appears to have removed Google Podcasts from its search results.

The play button that linked to the Google Podcasts app in search has disappeared, so listeners can no longer listen to podcasts directly from search results. So if you search for podcasts now, you’ll only find reviews and links to other platforms.

A Google spokesperson responded to the outlet stating that it is working “as intended.” This means that removing the play button was a deliberate move by the company.

YouTube and Google Podcasts serve a variety of needs. Both currently serve podcast listeners and there are currently no plans to change this. I have nothing more to share at this time.

At this point, Google Podcasts still looks safe, but this doesn’t bode well for the fate of the platform.

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