Google Pixel 7 dual eSIM support has finally started to arrive

Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 and server-side updates seem to have flipped a switch

Dual SIM smartphones have been around forever, and combining that approach with eSIM technology is just the next logical step. While we’ve supported dual use, we’ve long waited for the day when we can do away with physical SIMs entirely. The test version, which should hit the stable channel as a Pixel Feature Drop — will allow you to easily switch between carriers using dual eSIM profiles. Pixel 7 series.


wait Discovered by Mishaal Rahman beta tester report Its Android eSIM MEP feature, which stands for Multiple Enable Profiles, started working on the latest Pixel 7 beta, allowing users to freely switch between two eSIM profiles for features such as calls, texts and data. I can. This is not confirmed by the screenshots, but is corroborated by additional user reports on Reddit. Previously, he could register multiple eSIM profiles, but he could only set one eSIM active at a time.

dual esim pixel 7

Two eSIM profiles active at the same time on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2

Rahman Note This feature was likely enabled by a server-side update of the SIM Manager app in the QPR2 Beta 2 build of the Pixel 7 — users who first noticed the change had dual eSIM disabled on QPR2 Beta 1. reported as active. So this is indeed a recent germany previously shown Dual eSIM support is expected to arrive on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in March 2023, which aligns with the stable release plans. It’s currently unknown if the feature will be available on older Pixel models, as the Pixel 6 series was not mentioned.

This support is unlikely to expand the total number of active SIMs beyond the current maximum of 2, so if you’re using the dual SIM/eSIM implementation of the latest stable Android build, before adding Physical SIM should be disabled. Second active eSIM profile. Google recently added code to convert a physical SIM to an eSIM profile in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2. This also allows you to transfer your eSIM profile from one phone to another.

If you haven’t been on the eSIM train yet, it’s easy to activate your eSIM profile with all major US carriers. Then, if you want to try out the dual eSIM feature, you can install Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 on your Pixel 7 in a few easy steps and test it yourself.

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