Google makes last shot at keeping its apps and the Play Store together on Android in India

Company appeals antitrust ruling about to take effect

The European Union has taken a number of steps to curb the power of Big Tech within its jurisdiction, with Google in particular facing hefty fines for antitrust violations. It has also faced similar pushback from regulators. Last October, India’s Competition Commission fined the company $161.9 million for forcing the Android device maker to include Google apps when it tried to license the Play Store and related services. I punished The search giant is now appealing to the Supreme Court of India after a failed court appeal last week.


Reuters reports on new filings by Google with the country’s Supreme Court, but details about the hearing request are not yet available. Google has until January 19th to change the terms of its license, according to a directive attached to CCI’s first judgment, so an appeal to the Supreme Court will be the final step in favoring the company’s decision. is an effort. According to a source, Google’s recent Supreme Court filing also calls for the deadline to be suspended as the court issued a decision to appeal.

While the ruling clearly states that requiring OEMs to preload Google apps “imposes an unfair condition on device manufacturers,” OEMs are free from influence from Google to provide third-party You can install third-party app stores or remove first-party apps. As Engadget rightly points out, especially in a market where he has over 600 million smartphone users, the company would suffer big losses without the major consolidation that the current licensing scheme allows. Google needs this Supreme Court punt to function.

This is not the first such penalty Google has faced, as it was ordered to pay €4.34 billion by the European Commission in 2018 for similar allegations, which is also pending appeal.

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